Our EdTech Solutions

Digital solutions are inseparable from education – enhance your digital delivery with Reno Techs. Our EdTech experts will mitigate complex technology burdens by developing a learning management platform that is easy for you to navigate and manage so that you can focus on crafting your lesson plans.

  • Learning Management Solutions

  • Learning Experience Platforms

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Legacy System Migration & System Augmentation

  • Mobility solutions

  • E-Learning portal development

  • Online Proctoring solutions

Learning Management Systems

Competency-based education relies on effective monitoring of a student’s skill and knowledge. With our learning management systems (LMSs), we’ll make it easy for you to track students’ learning progress, monitor their engagement, and support them in achieving their learning goals. Our E-Learning experts will set your LMS in no time, merging it with your existing system and content sources for a seamless transition into the new system. We can develop an LMS software that involves:

  • E-learning system development for new adopters.
  • Current LMS enhancement .
  • Quality assurance and continuous support (L1/ L2 & L3 Support).
  • Flexible scaling options.
  • Easy integration with third-party software.

E-Learning Portal Development

Your E-Learning portal serves as a central archive for all of your E-Learning resources. We consistently monitor new EdTech innovations to provide you an agile portal that is easily navigable with a beautiful interface. Our E-Learning portals are optimized with solutions specific to your educational venture, providing:

  • A structure that organizes complex information in a logical manner.
  • Easy integration from third-party LMS.
  • Quality assurance and continuous support (L1/ L2 & L3 Support).

Learning Experience Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) promote a personalized learning experience by providing the users an opportunity to engage and interact with the platform. Advancing through courses generates content based on the user’s performance to gauge understanding and fill knowledge gaps. Our engineers will work with you to create an LXP that encourages collaborative and inclusive learning, incorporating content from all sources to curate an optimal learning experience.

  • We design personalized software that offers a simple interface for every learner.
  • Unify learning materials from all sources – in-house and web – into learning paths customizable into the structural course content.
  • Our LXP’s provide real-time progress monitoring of users, embedded with quiz tools and reports for identifying skill gaps.

Emerging Tech Solutions

Management of EdTech Solutions

  • Modular system architecture will make it easy to implement improvements to the system.
  • Adjustable learning paths are drawn to showcase the progress of individual learners.
  • Easily manageable infrastructure accommodates growing users and their needs.
  • Suggest tools that will improve the existing Cloud environment.
  • Plan and provide a carefully structured architecture with Disaster Recovery and
    Fault-Tolerance options.
  • Estimate the associated time and cost.


  • Our expertise in ensuring the security of your application includes access control,watermarking, encryption that protects the application from unauthorized use andentries.
  • Our risk management tools and recovery strategies are compliant with protectionregulations by eliminating any scope or gap in the application.


  • Our tools also provide you with the ability to slice and drill into hordes oflongitudinal information about the use of LMS.
  • It will also provide you insights with how learning environments can be optimized tobring out the best in everyone involved in the process.
  • Our high-quality self-analytics tools will ensure you empower your student with the bestand carve a learning path best for long-term success.
  • Easy identification of what works and what does not work with continuous access toinformation needed for the analysis.

Integrated LMS

  • Our prolific programmers utilize responsive design features like native support,multi-screen viewing, and localization support.
  • We customize these integrations to 3rd party APIs and systems.
  • Our expertise lies in large-scale data migration along with the provision of addingadditional functionality.
  • LMS integration and implementation happens to be our specialty.
  • Take your learner’s success to its zenith with our features that make learning on the gofun and far-reaching.
  • With gamification, we make alive the application with quests, badges, 2D, and 3Davatars.
  • Our diary of real-time communication tools also provides support for ongoing discussionsand calendar integrations.


  • New-age technologies for enhanced customer engagements
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher revenues & Productivity


  • Successful creation of learning content that is easily accessible for learners of allcategories.
  • The platform managers also can provide ensured levels of access to anyone with ourrole-based access controls.
  • One can then change subscriptions, billing, and a lot more.

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