Adherence To Quality & Security

Cloud-First Development

We use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers deployed to cloud systems to ensure reliability and scalability.

Migration To Cloud

Our execution process of migration includes multiple perspectives, including the existing asset valuation and architecture of the current application, overhauling your solution, and optimizing its contribution to stated and implied business goals.

Cloud Integration

We execute integrations of cloud apps with on-premise and legacy solutions by facilitating integration to SaaS and cloud services. We also offer reliable methods of access via conventional and advanced data protocols.

Cloud Optimization

We help businesses enhance productivity and decrease expenses by covering their application portfolios and reinforcing frameworks. Doing so raises visibility, standardizes operating environments, and refines resources to increase performance across workloads.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Work on preparing an inventory for the existing infrastructure.
  • Identify the involved risks and dependencies.
  • Choosing the most appropriate cloud service provider.
  • Suggest tools to replace/improve the existing cloud environment.
  • Plan and provide a carefully structured architecture with disaster recovery and fault-tolerance options.
  • Estimate the associated time and cost.

Beta Environment Setup

  • Set up a clone of the existing environment.
  • Test/fine tune the application using test data and test database.
  • Examine the scalability after loading production equivalent test data.

Migration Strategy

  • Set up a clone of the existing environment.
  • Test/fine tune the application using test data and test database.
  • Examine the scalability after loading production equivalent test data.


  • Makeup a new automated/non-automated production environment
  • Transfer all the production data and set up storage, disaster recovery & fault tolerance options.
  • Manage all the DNS records and other configurations.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Configure monitoring tools to identify suspicious traffic, thereby empowering owners to act fast.
  • Keep an eye on logs, performance, security, response time, and load.


We deliver custom multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS solutions to give you simultaneous access and permit your web-based enterprise to develop quickly and scale to meet customer demands. We incorporate third-party self-scaling IaaS cloud platforms to ensure that your app has leading network performance and automated resource scaling when required.

Cloud Containerization With Docke

We assist companies in adopting Docker, the world’s leading software containerization platform, to speculate the operating system kernel, which provides a single capsule containing your application and assure that it will always run the same, regardless of environment.

The Docker-based solutions boast instant application portability and have the ability to be administered in an effective, standardized, and repeatable way, and eventually allow you to run more applications in one single environment, which helps in cutting down power consumption and hardware expenses.

Development Acceleration

Live environment duplicates can be effortlessly deployed and keep running on any new endpoint running Docker motor.

Eliminated Inconsistencies

Packaged with dependencies, your application is ensured to function as planned in any condition.

Enhanced Scalability

Application administrations are scaled all over flawlessly to fulfill crest client requests.

Easy Remediation

Containers with issues get confined in a snap, moved back to acquaint changes and pushed to production.

Build, Ship, and Run in Docker

Make it easier to deploy several distributed applications at once across machines of different configurations.

Moving to DevOps

We understand your need to be agile and quickly address customer feedback. By automating repeatable tasks and using configuration management tools, we can help you transition from traditional development methods to an accelerated delivery approach. Our DevOps team will equip you with a self-service platform that will reduce redundancy and help streamline app development and deployment processes.

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