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Why Won’t My New Website Rank?

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Launching a new business website is exciting.  People are looking for information online and building a website is the first step towards improving your visibility.  When you launch a new site, you can really take the website in any direction.  It’s a smart idea to consider on-site search engine optimization right from the start by getting insights from an SEO consultant.  However, it’s necessary to understand that no matter how much SEO work goes into the project, SEO results will be minimal to start for a brand new website.

Here are 4 reasons why a new website won’t automatically rank:

1.  No trust factor

The search engine algorithms are complex and there are over 200 signals that determine where a website will rank.  One of the things that the search engines consider when ranking sites is the trust or authority of the site.  It can take years to build this trust no matter how well-optimized the site is when it first launches.  Authority is achieved by building quality inbound links and creating and sharing great content on a regular basis.  Since there is really only so much that can be done within the first few weeks of a website launch, it’s going to take some time to achieve this trust.

2.  The competition

Every industry is competitive online.  Competitors are looking for the same real estate on the SERP (search engine results page) as you are.  Obviously everybody wants to be at the top, but there is only room for one website at that number 1 position.  A new website that isn’t yet trusted is going to have a difficult time competing with websites that have existed for years.  The success of your online competitors is really out of your control.

3.  No search volume for new terminology

If you are launching a website for a new company that offers a revolutionary new product you might think that getting people to your site will be easy since there is little or no competition (yet).  The only problem is that if the product is new and nobody knows about it, people won’t be searching for it.  In order to generate visitors from the search engines, you need to target keywords that at least have some search volume.  For a startup SEO campaign, it’s necessary to use a mix of new and established keywords in order to start generating visitors.  Maintaining other marketing efforts that will educate people about what you have to offer will eventually draw visitors to your site that are searching using niche keywords.

4.  Not enough time

When you start a new business and first launch a website it’s likely that there are probably a million other things going on at the same time.  SEO isn’t something that should be “worried about later”.  Make a commitment and financial investment in SEO from the start in order to see an improvement in rank.

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