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The types of content that get shared most

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What do you get when you analyze 220,000 pieces of social media content over a period of six months? A lot of insights, that’s what.

BuzzStream and Fractl partnered do take on this task with the goal of finding out which types of content get the most social media shares.

In some ways, the study reveals a great deal about what people will share in social. In other ways, it confirmed what we’ve known for some time: that social media engagement is a fickle beast.

Here are a few of the insights gleaned from the study:

  • Content types’ performance differed by month (fickle!) and based on the industry
  • Evergreen content, including what the study’s authors call “why-posts,” consistently earn the highest number of shares
  • Risky formats, which the authors say include “what-posts,” can garner big numbers in shares, but they can also fail entirely

Check out the full infographic below to get a better understanding of the findings.