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Creating a website for RTC Virginia Street RAPID Extension Project

Reno Techs being one of the leading and trusted providers of web design, SEO, SMM and other services had a new task with building a website for RTC and its Virginia Street RAPID Extension Project, which is the first of multiple projects stemming from Virginia Street Corridor Investment Plan and the University of Nevada, Reno Master Plan. Let’s move on to the main components of RTC’s project, it includes RAPID …Read More

About Our Clients: Home Energy Experts

Home Energy Experts is an organization that has really developed more than 40 or more years in the northern Nevada zone. Beginning as a warming and aerating and cooling organization (Nevada Heating & Air), it developed into a home execution organization through figuring out how to appropriately perform upkeep, wellbeing, and adjusting methods on Testing so as to heat and Cooling gear, trailed and enhancing the execution of air conduit …Read More

Are You ‘Layering’ SEO? You Should Be.

SEO isn’t what it used to be. Ten years ago, an SEO specialist might spend 40 hours a week on keywords, title tags and content manipulation. Nowadays, he or she must possess a much broader skill set and think far more strategically That’s because there’s been a shift toward Search Marketing Integration (SMI) or “layering.” This concept is forcing digital marketers to become master collaborators who can effectively utilize cross-departmental initiatives to …Read More

The Art of Getting Retweets

According to Techi, creating tweets that people want to retweet is more of an art than a science. If you’re not Justin Bieber or the leader of the free world, retweet notifications in your Twitter Interactions feed can be hard to come by. Fortunately, this infographic from QuickSprout has some solid tips for helping your tweets get shared more. Be warned: Most of the tips in this infographic are best …Read More

Reno Techs Web Design: You Imagine It, We’ll Do It

Reno Techs Web Design is the only online stop you’ll need for web design, graphic design, web development, search engine marketing and optimization, and every other Internet service there is, all to establish your company, sell your product and boost your profits. We service clients of all kinds and businesses of any size, and we proudly design, create and promote for some of the biggest sales names out there. Looking …Read More