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Creativity Tips From 5 World-Famous Artists: Lesson for Leaders

Think Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh have nothing to do with the world of business? Think again. 1. Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) Michelangelo needed very little sleep and was usually so drawn up in his work that he would spend weeks in the same clothes and shoes. His servant reported that when Michelangelo did take off his shoes, the skin on his feet would peel off like a snake’s. Michelangelo …Read More

10 Creative Marketing Ad Campaigns You Have To Watch

It’s the age of video, but it isn’t every day that you come across really good videos that you don’t mind watching over and over again. There are some really good ones in the form of heart-warming wedding proposals, and inspirational and mind-boggling new discoveries. To add to that, we have everyone’s favorite, creative marketing advertisement campaigns, sometimes known as guerrilla marketing. This type of marketing is almost always out of the comfort …Read More