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The types of content that get shared most

What do you get when you analyze 220,000 pieces of social media content over a period of six months? A lot of insights, that’s what. BuzzStream and Fractl partnered do take on this task with the goal of finding out which types of content get the most social media shares. In some ways, the study reveals a great deal about what people will share in social. In other ways, it …Read More

Fortune 500 companies and social media: bullish? Kinda.

“2013 Fortune 500 are bullish on social media,” reads the admittedly clever-ish headline. But are America’s top corporations finally getting onboard with content marketing and social media? Well…sorta…kinda; certainly more than in recent years, according to a new study produced by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. “The 2013 Fortune 500 have now fully embraced new communications tools that have taken so many other sectors by storm,” reads the report’s conclusion. “In …Read More