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15 Classic Business Cards Of Tech Legends

While you have plenty of options to leave an impression online, offline, the business card still serves a primary use for the “here’s how you can contact me” approach. There are plenty of very interesting business card designs but if you have ever wondered what the business cards of tech legends like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak looked like, have we got a compilation for you. Below are 15 name cards belonging to people who have …Read More

How to Create Conference Ready Blogger Businesss Cards

Like it or not, if you’re going to a conference any time soon, you need business cards to network effectively. Smart phones are great, but they just can’t compete with the advantages of a well-thought-out business card. Why Business Cards? Business cards are 100% reliable. Your smartphone could hit a black spot or unexpectedly run out of juice, but your card will keep going. Business cards are great because they …Read More

Design Guide – Business Cards

Design & Printing Tips for Business Cards So you’re ready to print your business cards but don’t know exactly how to prep the file? Not to worry, there’s lots of help here to get your business card files ready to go to the press. From the basics to the specifics, the key to any successful print run is careful planning. However, it’s tough to plan when the basics seem cryptic …Read More