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Responsive Web Design: Why is it Important For a Website?

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What can you do to improve your site and make it more appealing? You’ve already mastered CSS Code, so with just a few simple styling techniques, you can make a standard HTML, WordPress theme or a CSS website even better by adding a responsive design. The newest trend today in website development is Responsive Design. It might appear complicated, but really, it’s easy to master with an understanding of just a few CSS rules.

Responsive Web Design

More people today use their Smartphones or tablets to cruise the internet than their old desktop. Web Designers are adapting by creating sites which are optimized for tablets or Smartphones.

In the past, the way many designers handled mobile sites by creating a website first for desktops; then set up a different one for mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android tablets. In essence, three different websites were available for one topic depending on what device you used to view it.

Using responsive web design gives the designer the option to make a few simple modifications to an existing website by using just CSS. The designer simply adds, removes and modifies elements along the way in order to create various adaptations of a blog or website without having to alter the content.

For that reason, responsive design is used in order to produce a variety of website views for Smartphones, tablets and desktops. It’s possible that more than one third of the internet users are working from their mobile devices. Designers are making it easier to draw these mobile-surfing consumers to their sites by jumping on the responsive design bandwagon.

Is Responsive Web Design Needed?

Responsive site design is not mandatory from a functional standpoint, but it is an option that can be added to your existing blog or website. It is convenient for visitors who are using their mobile devices to visit your website.

If you’ve ever used a Smartphone to browse a site that used a normal, desktop view then you might have noticed it wasn’t easy to navigate because it probably required scrolling to view it.

User Experience

Now that mobile web browsing has exploded, many more people will be coming to your website using their mobile devices. If you make it easier to view your site, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Using the responsive web design, you can target these mobile users by using the standard CSS rules to produce a mobile version of your site. This improves the browsing experience for mobile visitors.

Saving Time and Money

While many think learning to use the responsive web design is too intensive and will only cost them more in time and money, this is not true. After the initial startup cost, there is little investment. Responsive web design that entices new website traffic is well worth the investment.

The End Result

Responsive web design provides users the finest experience no matter what device they are using to view your site. The only other option is for the web designer to build a native app on each platform, which is firmly tied together with these devices and their operating system.

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