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How Social Proof Killed the Sales Funnel (and Reinvented It)

RIP, good ol’ sales funnel. Deep in our hearts, we knew this day would come. Like used-car salesmen, the sales funnel was too polished and slick to survive in the chaos of social media today. Before online marketers and inside sales folks weep into their beers tonight, there may be a silver lining in this chaos. Social proof is the new currency of credibility today. Because buyers now rule the marketplace, their words …Read More

Google’s Matt Cutts: Responsive Design Won’t Hurt Your SEO

With mobile traffic gaining more market share over the past few years, it’s more important than ever for websites to have a mobile version of their webpage, a specific version tailored to smaller screens and fast load time. And with it has come a wider adoption of using responsive design for mobile users versus the traditional mobile sites. In the eyes of Google, does response design or traditional mobile design …Read More

8 More Things The Internet And Technology Killed Off

In my first list of 15 things the Internet and technology killed off, readers pointed our several debatable entries. It’s true — some are still around, while others evolved. Some entries were quite localized to particular countries, and perhaps I was pushing the boundaries quite a bit. In the spirit of debate, here are 8 more things and practices the Internet and technology have killed off, are in the process of …Read More

Top Google Result Gets 36.4% of Clicks [Study]

It’s critical for websites to appear on Page 1 of Google, especially in one of the top three organic positions, as these spots receive 58.4 percent of all clicks from users, according to a new study from Optify. Websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent. Being number one …Read More

Six Steps To Simplify Marketing, From Dunkin’ Brands Marketing Chief

Digital media and mobile screens are core to Dunkin’ Donuts marketing, but it pays to remember the basics, according to John Costello, Dunkin’ Brands president-global marketing and innovation. “If we put a picture up on the wall [of products] in our restaurants we sell more,” he said. “If we take it down, we sell less.” Balancing traditional media with digital is a complex task, making it “easy to be overwhelmed,” …Read More

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly Truths About Online Reviews

This past week, New York’s Attorney General announced that it would be fining 19 businesses over $350,000 each for posting fake positive reviews to the popular online review site, Yelp. The businesses, which ranged anywhere from strip clubs to a laser hair removal service, would pay freelance writers up to $10 per positive review, even though none of them had ever used their products or service. This problem isn’t just …Read More

Creativity Tips From 5 World-Famous Artists: Lesson for Leaders

Think Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh have nothing to do with the world of business? Think again. 1. Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) Michelangelo needed very little sleep and was usually so drawn up in his work that he would spend weeks in the same clothes and shoes. His servant reported that when Michelangelo did take off his shoes, the skin on his feet would peel off like a snake’s. Michelangelo …Read More

It’s Over For Paid Apps, With A Few Exceptions

Is it over for paid mobile apps? That’s the general thinking these days, as the App Stores fill up with “good enough” alternatives to paid apps, while major publishers game the charts with free offerings that make millions which can then be used for their ongoing user acquisition efforts. That’s one of the reasons why the top charts of the App Store have gotten so difficult to break into for new publishers today, …Read More

Why Your Business Should Never Take a Vacation from Facebook

Last week, Time magazine published an article that looked at why people quit Facebook. The researchers who inspired the story found that most of the 310 people had participated in a survey about a QuitFacebookDay campaign (72 percent) were men. The top reason they cited for leaving was “concern about privacy.” We recently “quit” Facebook, too — for a whole week! — because we wanted to see what it would do to our engagement. …Read More

The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

The Internet has drastically altered the way in which information is shared, and has had a profound impact on marketing. Over the past few years, there has been more of a shift toward inbound techniques, while many outbound tactics have become antiquated. More businesses are finding success publishing original content rather than embedding advertisements within external content, because of the additional benefits these tactics offer, such as branding and audience …Read More