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The Essentials of SEO for Small Business

This article is the second in a series of five posts on the basics of online marketing for small business. The series is designed to inform and empower small businesses about their online marketing options and give them the confidence to explore the potential growth opportunities that are available through online marketing. This week we will focus on SEO or search engine optimization, which can often be a misunderstood topic …Read More

The types of content that get shared most

What do you get when you analyze 220,000 pieces of social media content over a period of six months? A lot of insights, that’s what. BuzzStream and Fractl partnered do take on this task with the goal of finding out which types of content get the most social media shares. In some ways, the study reveals a great deal about what people will share in social. In other ways, it …Read More

Report: Increasing Demand For Digital Communicators

Report: Increasing demand for digital communicators By Kevin Allen | Posted: June 30, 2014 Good news for digital communicators: You’re more in demand than ever before. The latest “Rising CCO” report from executive search company Spencer Stuart shows that three-quarters of chief communications officers say they’re hiring more digital and social media staff than ever before.The study also shows that the communications and marketing are growing closer. The number of CCOs who are now …Read More

15 Classic Business Cards Of Tech Legends

While you have plenty of options to leave an impression online, offline, the business card still serves a primary use for the “here’s how you can contact me” approach. There are plenty of very interesting business card designs but if you have ever wondered what the business cards of tech legends like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak looked like, have we got a compilation for you. Below are 15 name cards belonging to people who have …Read More

10 brands’ terrible tech blunders (and how to avoid them)

To paraphrase a song lyric: Onto every brand, some rain may fall. Avoiding an embarrassing brand storm starts with meticulous attention on all fronts: planning, production, and marketing all the way through the fine details such as server architecture, and logo fonts. Don’t think it can happen to you? Even the smallest oversight can snowball. Below, we call out infamous tech branding glitches and offer remedies to keep you off …Read More

Link Building Glossary

Link Building Glossary Marketing and link building terms have become second nature to us. Sometimes we forget that not everyone spends their who life building links. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a glossary of frequently used terms for the link building layperson. We will continue to update this list. If you find any terms that you are unfamiliar with or have general questions, please contact us. …Read More

How you can catch the wave of Super Bowl hype

Now that the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks have punched their tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey, the main event before kickoff can begin in full force. What is that main event you ask? It is Super Bowl marketing and all the incredible hype that comes with it. Though your marketing budget probably doesn’t have space for a $4 million dollar Super Bowl ad, that doesn’t mean that …Read More

12 most overused fonts that can damage your brand

The lack of brand discipline is something I notice often when I work with small businesses. It can be very damaging.Exposure of a consistent brand is essential to building name recognition. To achieve it, companies need image guidelines that all of their employees follow; these must include a company font to be used on all communications, presentations, etc.That font will speak to your brand forever. To make sure it has strength, here are 12 …Read More

Make Facebook’s Algorithm Change Work For You, Not Against You

Recently, many Facebook page admins have experienced a significant decrease in Total Reach—specifically, organic reach. For pages that want to keep their ad budget as low as possible, maximizing organic reach is vital. To best understand how to make a change like this work for you, and not against you, we need to examine what happened—and what you can do about it. We analyze and monitor this type of data for …Read More

Google Destroys Rap Genius Search Rankings As Punishment For SEO Spam, But Resolution In Progress

Google hit back hard today after it learned lyrics site Rap Genius had been using dubious SEO tricks to attain top spots in search results. Now RapGenius.com doesn’t appear on the first page of results for a search of “Rap Genius”, and popular queries like “Jay-Z Holy Grail Lyrics” don’t bring up the startup like they used to. [Update: But the two companies are working on a resolution.] Founded in 2009, Rap Genius is a …Read More