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8 More Things The Internet And Technology Killed Off

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In my first list of 15 things the Internet and technology killed off, readers pointed our several debatable entries. It’s true — some are still around, while others evolved. Some entries were quite localized to particular countries, and perhaps I was pushing the boundaries quite a bit.

In the spirit of debate, here are 8 more things and practices the Internet and technology have killed off, are in the process of killing off, or not quite dead but will eventually (most likely) kill off in the near future.

What else would you add?

1. Bookstores

Image credit: Martin Kalfatovic/flickr

2. Music stores

Image credit: opethpainter/flickr

3. FM radio

Image credit: three_sixteen/flickr

4. Printed dictionaries

Image credit: udge/flickr

5. Pagers

Image credit: Hades2k/flickr

6. Playing outdoors

7. Writing letters

Image credit: vidalia_11/flickr

8. Social etiquette

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