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July 2013

How Hashtags Attract Wealthy Customers

Have you incorporated hashtags in your online marketing yet? If you’re still on the fence, here are three more reasons to get moving. Hashtags are a great way to target high net worth customers, and what business couldn’t benefit from at least a few more of those? Here they are: 1. High Net Worth Customers Are Learning To Embrace Social Media The number of affluent Americans using social media is increasing, according …Read More

Make Better Business Decisions by Conducting Consumer Research on Social Media

Consumer research can help to inform critical business decisions to ensure those decisions result in a positive outcome. But, consumer research can be time intensive, costly, and can yield questionable results as a result of the unnatural conditions under which participants are providing their answers and insight. Have you ever thought about utilizing social media as a supplement, or outright replacement to more traditional consumer research? Conducting consumer research via …Read More

WordPress Visual Editor Hot Keys (CHEAT SHEET)

We all know how time consuming blogging is as a means of content dissemination. Once you integrate a content strategy into your business model, then the simple act of updating your blog is liable to morph into a full time job in and of itself. And unless you are in that rarefied atmosphere of success where you can afford to hire someone full-time to update your blog with fresh high …Read More

The Use of Social Media in Schools [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is something about Facebook, and all of social media, that makes it work especially well within a school community. What began in the post-secondary realm has spread like wildfire throughout the world, but it has returned to academia on a younger scale. The social part of it is obvious, but for elementary school students and up the educational benefits are proving to be even more powerful than likes and …Read More

Fortune 500 companies and social media: bullish? Kinda.

“2013 Fortune 500 are bullish on social media,” reads the admittedly clever-ish headline. But are America’s top corporations finally getting onboard with content marketing and social media? Well…sorta…kinda; certainly more than in recent years, according to a new study produced by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. “The 2013 Fortune 500 have now fully embraced new communications tools that have taken so many other sectors by storm,” reads the report’s conclusion. “In …Read More

4 Things A Snail Can Teach You About Online Marketing: Yes, That’s Right. We Said A Snail.

If you’ve watched much TV lately, or gone to the movies, you’ve probably seen trailers for the new DreamWorks movie that’s coming out about a speedy snail. Somehow or other the little guy ends up turbo charged and able to race against actual cars at the Indy 500. So, yeah. Not quite your average, everyday garden snail. Naturally, that got us here at Marketing Zen thinking. What could we learn …Read More