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May 2013

Keyword Research: How to find your real estate customers online [INFOGRAPHIC]

We always talk about making it easier for our customers to find us online, and how keyword research is critical to making that happen. If you do any online marketing, SEO, advertising or content creation, the time you put into finding the right keywords to target will go a long way towards helping you connect your content to the search terms consumers are actually using. Without the right keywords, your …Read More

Should You Have a Facebook Page if You Sell a Super-Niche Product?

Only 2 million people in this country own horses, so just by selling a horse-specific product you’ve screened out more than 99% of the population. Does it make sense then to go on a mass market medium like Facebook? Pamela Carr thinks so. Carr, who works as a senior marketing manager for ecommerce at the Chicago Tribune Media Group, is working on a side project called Alleva-Wave, a new business …Read More

Google Plus Best Practices for Brands

In part 1 “Google+ for Brands: 4 Reasons your Brand Should Be on it”, we learned that over 500 million people are connecting in Google+ and that the network draws the second largest active follower-base after Facebook. And if that isn’t enough, we discussed the top 4 value propositions for having your brand present on Google Plus: Better discovery, deeper engagement, increased marketing performance across the web and measurable impact. …Read More

Best Times to Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is 24/7. Someone is always tweeting, posting on Facebook, or uploading a new picture to instagram. However, for social media managers and businesses alike, this can be quite of a challenge. We obviously can’t be online all day, even for those of us who are social media managers or strategist. But how do you know when to best reach your audience? There are a couple different ways to …Read More

The best social media tools of 2013 (so far)

It’s been a while since I’ve cobbled together a look at some of the newer social media tools making an impact. The aim is to highlight hidden gems that can ease your online life, as opposed to talking about mainstream tools that get big chunks of air time. Some similar posts from the past can be found here. Enough reminiscing—let’s take a look at the new tools, sites, and Web …Read More

How to Blog: Humanizing Your Brand

So you’ve realized the benefits of having a kick-ass blog. Now what are you going to say on that blog? You could go the route of taking all that carefully-prepared corporate branding, and using your blog to put out press releases about things that you want your customers to care about (but really only matter to shareholders). Don’t. Remember the real reason you’re creating a blog is to connect with …Read More

The Elements of a Perfect Facebook Contest App [INFOGRAPHIC]

The first thing most business owners do when they want to increase engagement and Likes on their Facebook Pages is create a Facebook contest app. Yet so many people are still doing it wrong. They’re confused by Facebook’s complicated rules, and they don’t know how to create an app that actually does what they hope it will. Creating that perfect app is both an art and a science, and our …Read More

Photographer Follows His Girlfriend Around The World

In his photo series “Follow Me To”, Russian photographer Murad Osmann is taking the viewer on an intimate journey together with his girlfriend who’s leading him around the world. The pose is almost the same in every picture: the girl never shows her face, and the guy almost never lets go of her hand. The settings change from Moscow to London to Venice to a number of different locations in …Read More