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April 2013

Top 3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile Website

These days, more and more diners are turning to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to quickly find information about nearby restaurants, bars and reservations. But did you know that the majority of restaurant websites are not designed or optimized for mobile use? According to Google research, over 60 percent of people using mobile devices return to Google in order to find websites that are mobile-friendly. And when close to …Read More

Hackers Point Large Botnet At WordPress Sites To Steal Admin Passwords And Gain Server Access

If you’re running a WordPress site, now would be a good time to ensure you are using very strong passwords. According to reports fromHostGator and CloudFlare, there is currently a significant attack being launched at WordPress blogs across the Internet. For the most part, this is a brute-force dictionary-based attack that aim to find the password for the ‘admin’ account that every WordPress site sets up by default. HostGator’s analysis …Read More

5 Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you’re among the business owners or executives who got interested in social media marketing because of its potential to deliver new customers, you may be overlooking some important “hidden” benefits of social media marketing. Overlooking these benefits can be a problem, because it usually takes time to build your social media presence to the point that you can link it reliably to sales. These “hidden” benefits, however, often kick …Read More