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March 2013

Calls to Action Now Allowed on Facebook Page Cover Images

The 17th December version of Facebook’s Pages Terms previously prevented any kind of marketing in the cover image, and text was not allowed to comprise more than 20% of the image area. Page owners had to compromise by making sure that they advertised within the page and tried to creatively draw in consumers. However, it seems as though the Pages Terms Platforms changed overnight and simultaneously opened up a great …Read More

Social Influencers: Digital Marketing’s Most Overlooked and Misused Resource [INFOGRAPHIC]

With all that has changed due to the Internet and social media and the ways that advertisers can creatively reach the audiences of the digital era, surprisingly little has changed in the way that advertisers spend their money. Your basic banner advertisement is still the big financial drain. Social media is getting a small upswing in advertising dollars, but it isn’t as much as one might think. It almost seems …Read More

How To Give And Take Feedback For Web Design Projects

You’ve done all the leg work. The research was good, the sitemap made sense and the wire frames were spot on. You’ve spent the last 5 days designing in Photoshop perfecting every pixel, making sure all your buttons have a subtle gradient and that those drop shadows aren’t 1 pixel too blurry. Now it’s time to ask your client for feedback. This is the part of the project that I …Read More

5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Media Strategy

People make mistakes, and so do businesses. Social media marketing is one place where it’s all too easy to make mistakes that can have long-lasting effects on your social media strategy or company reputation. There are many kinds of mistakes that can hurt your social media strategy, but here are five that can actually ruin a social media strategy. They’re easy to make, and difficult to overcome. Luckily, they’re also …Read More