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February 2013

Social Media Marketing Wins and Fails

2012 is behind us and now we have the opportunity to reflect on the wins (and fails) of social media marketing. While we know that 2012 was chock full of companies’ social media snafus, some of them hilariously memorable, some good came out of 2012 as well. Successful campaigns from Nike to the film Bully, the successes of 2012 are just as heartwarming as the failures were painful. The infamous …Read More

How Google is preparing the world for Glass

Amid skepticism and name-calling (“Glassholes!”), Google makes a strategic effort to bring wearable computing to the mainstream. Early this morning, while most of the West Coast slept, Google took the next steps in introducing Google Glass to the world. A sleek website, highlighted by a crisp new video, started to answer basic questions about the device for the broader world. How does it look? What does it do? Can I …Read More

The Best Digital Handwriting Tools for Businesses

Writing notes out by hand hasn’t become extinct — it’s just gone digital. A new generation of apps and devices that capture your handwriting are altering how businesses manage what they write. The Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet and touch-based Microsoft Windows 8 PCs all offer handwriting-based tools that enable a full range of functions from simple note taking to email management to sophisticated sketching and photo manipulation. If your …Read More

Facebook’s ‘Conversion Measurement’

Here is a great article from Amy Porterfield on 3 Ways Facebook’s ‘Conversion Measurement’ Can Help Improve Your Ad Strategy. Facebook recently rolled out a new feature called “conversion measurement,” which allows anyone using Facebook ads to measure exactly which ads result in conversions, and marketers and advertisers to track the return on investment for individual ads in a much more sophisticated way. So, if you use Facebook ads and …Read More

How to Size Images on Social Media: A Cheat Sheet

Social media managers, rejoice. You no longer have to grapple with sizing issues for social networks such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Now you can create Facebook Timeline images, LinkedIn cover photos, and more without worrying whether your pictures will fit the dimensions required by each platform. Bookmark (or print out) this infographic from LunaMetrics — your company’s graphic designer will thank you.